Self Employment Tax Calculator

The self employment tax calculator is designed to calculate the Income Tax, Class 4 National Insurance, Student Loan Repayments and optional Rent a Room scheme earnings.

This is based on a self employed individual on payroll services, for the given income and expenses over a financial year.

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Enter your income & expense, and click Calculate to see the results here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this calculator apply if I'm working for an umbrella / as a limited company?

No - this self employed tax calculator is designed to provide calculations for sole traders / individuals.

Would I save tax by incorporating / working for an umbrella company?

Quite possibly - see this article on the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating.

The calculations here don't match up to HMRC / I've spotted an error!

You're probably right - this calculator is designed as a guide only. If you've spotted an error, please let me know.